Two bowls of soup and some pasta

To round out a November, here’s three more successful meals that we tried this month.

1. Crockpot Tomato, basil and parmesan soup

I made this a little differently than the recipe. I let everything sit in the crockpot all day and cook just like it says. When it got to the end stage of putting everything together, I put the crockpot stuff into the blender and pureed it all (be careful when pureeing hot ingredients! I did half a time.) I made the roux and added the soup.  I personally did not like the parmesan cheese in at this stage. It left the soup with a grainy texture and not smooth.  If you want to parmesan, I would put it in with the soup into the blender and let it get pureed.  That will help the texture.

This soup was very yummy and we had it with grilled cheese made on sourdough! YUMMMMMMM!

photo 1-1

2. Crockpot zuppa toscana

This was absolutely perfect. This is my favorite soup at Olive Garden and this recipe tastes identical. I made it just like the recipe and it turned out delicious. Serve with some rolls and a salad.


3. Creamy garlic pasta

This was great!! It tastes just like a Pasta-Roni without the powdered ingredients.  Highly recommend as a quick, easy, and delicious side dish.  We had it with steak and asparagus! Could also be made gluten free with gluten free pasta.

photo 2-1


To finish out November, I’m making a crockpot roast tomorrow night and then we’ll be with family for the rest of the week.  I’ve worked with my mother-in-law and we’ve planned a great Thanksgiving! I’m making the turkey and I’m so excited!!!  I’ll do a post about our big meal and my adventure in cooking my first Thanksgiving.



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