November Meal Plan


Spent the day off and on meal planning for the month of November.   Looking at what we’ve got going on this month, I am prepared for 18 meals. If anything ends up being left over, it will just move to the next month.

I create a shopping list based on the 18 meals that I have chosen. One shopping list is for all the meat and nonperishables for the month as well as the produce and dairy for the first week of the month. I plan on doing this tomorrow, so I’l try to remember and do a post about the shopping trip.   I go ahead and make a list of the produce for each week of the month, so I can just grab that on Saturdays, get the produce and go.  So just one big shopping trip.

As I’ve said before, I don’t plan leftover meals. Dan, Sarah and I always bring the leftovers from the night before to lunch the next day, so we don’t usually have many leftovers.

Each week I try to have a chicken, beef, pork, veggie, and soup recipe just so we don’t feel like we’re having the same thing over and over.

My recipes for this month are:

1) Jack Daniels honey barbeque wings with oven fries:

2) Grilled sweet potato and veggie skewers:

3) Wild rice and chicken casserole:  This is absolutely delicious! I’m making it this coming Wednesday, so I’ll post the recipe. I made it for my friend Rachel that just had surgery and she loved it.  Makes a great freezer recipe!

4) PW Sour Cream Noodle Bake:

5) Pork Chops and PW roasted acorn squash: For the pork chops, I’l just season them with salt, pepper, and maybe do some bread crumbs and bake them.

6) Crockpot pasta fagioli:

7) Grilled steak with roasted cauliflower: Nothing fancy when it comes to the steak…

8) Lemon paprika chicken thighs:

9) Pork fried rice: this is my mother-in-law’s recipe. I can post the night I cook it.

10) Spaghetti using spaghetti squash:

11) Crockpot chickpea, butternut squash and lentil stew:

12) Crockpot tomato and basil soup with grilled cheese sandwiches:

13) Tacos: you know… ground beef, taco seasoning, crunchy shells, sour cream, cheese….

14) Grilled chicken with roasted brussel sprouts: I will probably just marinate the chicken in olive oil, salt/pepper, and lemon juice prior to grilling.  The brussel sprouts are just basic roasted with bacon (because it’s delicious)

15) Crockpot zuppa toscano:

16) Balsamic skirt steak with polenta and tomatoes:

17) Crockpot butternut squash, quinoa, and chicken stew:

18) Crockpot roast: This is your basic potato, carrots, and onion with beef broth. I use a McCormick roast seasoning pack.

The Shopping List

SOOOO….based on all this, I made a huge shopping list.  I go through each recipe and write down what it needs.  I also add in our needs for household stuff, special events, etc.

photo 1 photo 2


After I hit the grocery store tomorrow, I will let you know how it goes.  Wish me luck….I think I may try Walmart for some of the things…..yikes.

Leslie 🙂


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