My summer DIY plans for the living room

Home decor is not my strong suit…… now, if you need me to tutor your child in reading, I’ve got that covered.  🙂 When we first moved to Prattville in 2006, I had a decorator come in just to get me started on some kind of home decor and I’m now tired of all that stuff.  SO! I’ve resolved to spend time this summer redoing and DIYing to change the look.

Right now our color palette is more earth tones: red, gold, sagey green, brown.  I’m ready to lighten things up! Our pieces are good, so I think a lot of things I can take what we have and revamp them.

This is the palette I want to move to….



Yellow is my favorite color…so sunny and bright! I think the yellow, gray, and turquoise will be great and allow me to incorporate some of the pieces I already have! So excited….

I’ve already prepared my husband that we’re gonna be busy this summer!

In the living room…………

photo 1

We already have this print.  I really love it and all the colors in it.  I think this can definitely be used with my new palette…I just need to lighten up the frame.  Maybe that cream color…..

photo 2

These candle holders are also really cute, just the color won’t work.  I’m thinking either painting them yellow or turquoise…

photo 3


We have these red lamps with gold shades….I definitely want to paint them.  I’m thinking yellow with simple white shades.

photo 4


We have this large aged looking mirror. I love the texture on it, but it’s too dark. I want to lighten up the frame.

photo 5

Our coffee table…..I want to turn this into an ottoman!! 🙂 Like this one…



Our couch is in really good shape, its just dark brown.  I’m thinking about doing a slipcover….we have a 16 month old, so being able to take it off and wash it, I think will be a really good thing.



We have a few other things up on the walls that I can just paint and lighten up. So excited!! Stay tuned for master bedroom ideas!

Any other ideas???




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