Tips for the Working Mom: Part III

The final installment of “working outside the home” mom tips.  I hope you have found these helpful!

11.  Budget

Next week marks our 9th anniversary.  For these nine years, my husband has done the budget. Starting in February, I took over the budget. It sounds like one more thing to have to do and it is….but I am so glad that I did.  For the most part, I am the one buying gifts, groceries, paying bills, etc. For me to know about our money each month just make sense. When my husband did the budget, I really had no idea about how we were spending our money.   I guess my tip for this would be, you need to know where your money is.  If you don’t do the budget in your house, either take it over or play a role. It’s really important.

photo 4

12. Support other’s businesses

Sometimes I get sad that I can’t be that “crafty mom”.  I see so many people with all these cute wreaths and monogrammed clothes for their kids and I wish that I had the time to do these things for my family.  But…I realized that I can have the best of both. Many of these fun items, are for sale on Etsy or Facebook.  You can have the cute wreath and support these small businesses of others!  So instead of being depressed that I don’t have time, I’m happy to be able to purchase and show that support to these businesses!

photo 2

13.  Take time for you

As I mentioned before, it can seem as though the day to day things make life into one big to-do list.   In the midst of all the things you do to keep your family running, you have to take time for yourself every day.  For me, this happens early (4:45) in the morning….but yours might be in the middle of the day or in the evening…  I get up and have some quiet time before meeting my running group for a run.   I absolutely love running and look forward to this every day.  Its that one thing that is just for me.  Make sure you put in this time!

14.  Get a planner

If you don’t have a planner, get one.  I tried doing my scheduling online with google calendars, but nothing for me can replace that little spiral notebook. It helps keep everything together in one place and is truly a lifesaver.   I could not keep up with my crazy schedule, my husband’s schedule, church stuff, ministry stuff, and family stuff without it!

photo 3

15. Daily checklist

Finally, I made myself a daily checklist for the frig to help me keep up with everything that has to be done each day.  You can see on this checklist that I split up some of the weekly chores by day to help make the work on the weekends a little smaller.  Lightening my weekend load is so important, because those are the days I have to spend with my family and relax.  This checklist has been extremely helpful and helps sort out all the mess in my head that I have to keep up with.

photo 1


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