Tips for the Working Mom: Part I

In December 2011, I became a mom after the birth of this little snuggle bunny. IMG_1663

With this event, came a need to get my day to day routines under control.  It’s amazing how this small addition can change your life, not just emotionally but physically through your daily routines.    It took me a while, but I’ve finally come up with some good things  to keep my life under control, that I thought I would share.

I teach at a local university, most days I’m on campus in the morning until early afternoon. From there,  I head to an inner city ministry where I serve as Education Director.  We have 100 kids that come to our building after school.  So, I leave the house around 8:30 and am pulling back up about 5:30.  Most days, I do have a couple hours in the middle of the day where I can swing by the house and eat lunch, baby girl can play, etc. My husband is an assistant district attorney, so he’s gone all day 7:30-5:00, but he also works out at Crossfit from 6:15-7:30….so most of the day to day runnings of the house are on my shoulders.

1. Meal Plan for the month

I started this in January and it has been fantastic! Prior to this, I meal planned for the week, but I have found doing it for the month is SO much better!!  I take the first Saturday of the month and sit down (it takes an hour or so, during nap time) to meal plan for the ENTIRE month! Then, I head to the grocery store and buy all the meat and non-perishables for the month.  I’m serious y’all, this is awesome.  After this one day, I only have to do this one day of major shopping for the whole month!   Each weekend after this, its just picking up odds and ends, produce, etc.  I have a binder where I put all the recipes I plan to use that month organized by week so I can get to them quickly. This is definitely  life-saver to get through the month!

2. Do a load of laundry every day

Making an effort to do one load of laundry every day will save so much time on the weekend.  Usually while I’m picking up after dinner and getting baby girl down for bed, I can get a load going. Before I head to bed, I fold it and put it away.   This one small thing adds up to me not standing by the washing machine all day Saturday.  Try this! It works!

3. Load and unload the dishwasher before you go to bed

Again, kind of the same principle as the laundry.  I try to get it loaded up for the day and run the dishwasher during the bedtime routines and unload right before I go to bed. This way I start the morning with an empty dishwasher ready to catch the dirties for the day.  Really helps and dishes don’t pile up during the day.

4.  Pick up before you leave in the morning

Before I leave each morning, I take 15 minutes to pick up around the house.   It really only takes this short time, but it really makes a difference.  I love that I don’t come home to a mess when we pull up in the evenings. That’s the last thing I want to see is a bunch of toys and books strewn everywhere after I’ve been working all day!  So get ready a little early and just breeze through the house picking up….it just takes a minute and you’ll be so glad at the end of the day!

5. Iron your clothes for the week on Sunday evenings.

I don’t know about you, but most of the shows we watch every week, come on Sunday nights.  (Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Mad Men, Worst Cooks in America)  I have found that if I go ahead and pick out my outfits for the week and get them all ready on Sunday night, it saves me so much time each morning.  On Sunday nights, I look through my planner to see what events at work, activities after school, etc that I have going on that week , as well as look at the weather for the week. From there I pick out what I’m going to wear.    I hang them in my closet in order by day, so each morning I can just grab up that day’s outfit.  The good thing is that you can iron while you watch your favorite shows! I love this! Saves me so much time in the morning!

Hope these have been helpful! Stay tuned for Part II!


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