See….this is what happens….I start blogging and then forget about it.  Here’s a brain dump of everything for the past month since my last post. I’m going to try very hard to post once a week!

Meal Planning

This has gone wonderfully well.  I meal planned for the entire month of January (see post) and did it again for February.  I have loved having everything I need to make the meals ready to go, short of a few produce items that I can pick up over the weekend.  It has saved me many trips to the store and buying stuff we don’t need.  I am actually looking forward to meal planning for March. It’s nice to do it once and be done for the entire month!


Starting February 1st, I took over doing the budget for our family and have absolutely loved it.  My organizational streak has definitely come out and I’ve been diligent about finding ways to save money and cut back on needless spending.  We do have a few credit cards I am working on paying off and am looking forward to working hard to do so.

My Job

My job is going well.  The Dean of our college moved to a wonderful opportunity at the State Department in December, so right now we are “boss-less”.  It’s been a little disconcerting, but we have a lot of support in the University and we’re all just trucking along. We’ve interviewed a couple people and there one in particular that we really liked.   We’ll see what ends up happening….  My courses are going well, other than tonight having to post mid-term grades…..one of these days students will realize they have to turn in work in order to make good grades…..

Date Nights

We try to go out to eat on a date every Friday.  Trying new or our favorite places is so much fun! The first two weeks of February, we were sick with a stomach virus…ugh.  We did go out for Valentines Day to SpringHouse in Alex City. We’ve been there before and thoroughly enjoyed it!   The chef, Rob McDaniel, was a sous chef for the head chef at Hot and Hot Fish Club in Birmingham on Iron Chef America, battle sausage in 2012.  We’re looking forward to trying Hot and Hot for our anniversary in March.

Urban Ministry

Things at CGM are going wonderfully.  Our teachers are doing a fantastic job! February is Black History Month, so I’ve been learning a lot about many wonderful people that paved the way for African Americans in our country.  March will be an exciting month, we’ve got several college groups coming to visit and help, so that will be fun!



We’re a recent part of a wonderful Bible study group that meets once a week.  Right now we are studying 24 Hours by Adam Hamilton, discussing the 24 hours leading up to the crucifixion.  This is a very interesting study! We are still getting to know our group, but having fun learning and spending time with everyone.  It’s so great to have a group of Christians to share time with!

Last, but certainly not least…..Sarah Jane 🙂

She is the sweetest thing to ever walk the planet.   Just growing like a weed! She’s been walking now for about 3 weeks and doing great.  She talks so much! Some of her words off hand: ball, baby, book, more, dada, mama, papa, yaya (Laura), Kkkkk (Mark), paci, fish, ice, eyes, bowl.  She soaks up every little thing and is learning so much!


Like I said….I will try hard to post something once a week.. I’m so bad to think about blogging and especially at taking pictures…… I wanted this blog to be a way for me to look back at the year….Gotta stick to it!


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