First Post! January 1, 2013

I’m excited to get this blog going for 2013.   I’m going to try and document the year, not every day, but several times during each week. I think it will be fun to look back at the year and remember!

The year started with a fun night out with two fave peeps, H & J, who will be getting married this year! I’m sure I’ll be posting about that in March. So excited! We enjoyed a great dinner at Central (scallops were yummm-o!) and then hung out downtown waiting for the “virtual rise” at midnight.  The “virtual rise” was not exciting, but the confetti and fireworks show was a lot of fun.  Our little one, SJ, was spending the night with her grandparents, so we stayed out much later than we usually do.  Such a fun way to bring in the new year.  I am feeling really good about 2013! Its going to be a great year!


We slept in and got up to go pick up SJ and hang out with my in-laws for a while.  We spent the evening with my family eating the traditional black eyed peas and ham.

photo 2

Our little SJ enjoyed them too! She ate the peas, but not the ham…..

photo 3

I spent some time while SJ was taking her nap to figure out what I have left to get done before going back to work.  I teach at a local university and our semester starts on Monday. I am in charge of placing our interns, so I wanted to make sure all my ducks were in a row for that to start.   I also serve as the Academic Director at an inner city ministry.  Our kiddos return on Monday as well as our teachers.  Lots of details to finish up.

I’m not really ready for everything to get started up again, I’ve enjoyed having D home (his office was closed for almost two weeks) and being with my family more.   But, ready or not, 2013 is running at full force.

Wishing everyone a blessed year!


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